What do I major in to become a Radiologic Technologist?

I’m so lost :(

Radiography Vs. Physical Therapy?

I was recently interested in the radiography program but since I was only able to get a C the second time around in anatomy & physiology(failed the first time) & hearing students say its extremely hard for a A or B student to get into the program, I decided to switch to physical therapy assistant it seem like a more hands on approach and I like the fact that it deals with excersise, I used to play sports when I was younger. And with a C I was still confident to move on to the second part of anatomy & physiology because you could still get into the physical therapy assistant program with that. Im just wondering anyone out there who knows about radiograpy and physical therapy, do you think I made a good decision, I mean is the course work alot heavier in radiograpy then in physical therapy, I enjoy doing alot of things and I would enjoy working in any type of medical field. Im just wondering from experience is it alot more envolved in radiograpy or physical therapy?

Radiography Schools in Florida?

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for information on what schools in Florida have Radiography programs. I mainly looking for schools that have MRI programs. Do you guys know any colleges? I really don’t want on-line colleges OR colleges that mainly have people over the age of 25 (i would rather interact with people my age). Thank-you guys soooooooo much in advance!! :D

What is the difference between having an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree for Radiography?

Does one make more money than the other? Are you required to have a Bachelor’s Degree to specialize in CT, MRI, etc.? What are the differences between classes for each degree?

Should I go into radiography?

I’m interested in going into radiography, but I heard the job outlook isn’t that great right now. If I’m really interested in it, should I just go for it and work hard to be the best, go to the best school, and hope I eventually find a job in the field?

I mean, would I probably be able to find a job within 2 years of graduation at least? I don’t mind if it takes a while, I just don’t want to NEVER find a job.

There is a school that is really hard to get into called UNMC, but if I could get in they have supplemental programs so I could also learn sonography and radiation therapy after I get my radiography degree. That way I can look for a radiography job right after I get my degree, and if I can’t find one I can continue to learn different things in the field so it would be easier for me to get a job in the future.

Should I give it a shot, or is the career outlook way too bad?

Cancer risk from Digital radiography?

Today I did radiography of my teeth. The device used was Soredex SCANORA 3D
My concern is because a doctor that operated the device put a protective suit on my chest and I am wondering if this scanning is so dangerous that I have to wear protective pretty heavy suit, then what about my mouth, tongue and brain that had no protection from X-Rays?

I am pretty concerned for my health right now. I was reading that X-Ray scans are equivalent to radiation from Atomic bomb dropped on Japan in WW2. Is this correct?

I mean why the hell are we using this if it’s so dangerous that other parts of my body have to be shielded from it????

Is radiography a risky major?

i am taking the pre-reqs of radiography program. i heard that its a very risky program. we can get skin cancer because we have to work in radioactive waves and all that. please tell me should i change my major because i am almost there, but also i do not want to put myself in danger and regret later on.

Difference between x-ray radiography and gamma ray radiography?

what are the main difference b/w x-ray radiography and gamma ray radiography? this question ws asked in my exam for 5 marks. I know about x ray radiography. But regarding gamma i only know that it have better penetration power. can someone plz give me answer for this in about 6-7 points. the question contained 5 marks.

What is the difference between a radiologist and a radiography tech?

Im confuse about those two. I want to get a 2 year degree studying this field but i don’t know which one to choose. I ant to know also how much to they make a year or an hr. Tank you.

Does radiography get boring?

Ok, I may be 13, but I’ve been looking in medicine for career options. I’m a bit squeamish, so I don’t necessarily want to be a doctor. But then, I saw radiology, and it seems really interesting. But I’m wondering, asking this to people who do this for their careers, does it get boring? It wouldn’t be good getting the qualifications and stuff, and then getting majorly bored of it.

radiography tech or RN?

im at a 2yr school for nursing and the pre-reqs are similar. i like both careers.does anyone know which pays more? and what might be the better field? any advice from someone who works in either field would be greatly appreciated. thanks

General radiography calculation?

a)If a satisfactory exposure is obtained with 20 mAs at 100 cm, what mAs will be required to maintain the same exposure at 65 cm?

b)If source-to-image distance is 120 cm and object-to image distance is 5 cm, what is the magnification factor?

Radiography:is it normal?





Lost Radiography certificates.?

Hey, my mum has lost her certificate proving she is a qualified radiographer and now needs it for a new job.
does anyone know how we could go about tracing it or getting a new one.
The degree ect was taken around the 1970′s.

What is radiography?? 10 points best answer!!?

What is radiography is it just x-rays or gamma rays as well? What is one of the main radioisotopes that they use? Please help physics assignemnttt. THANKYOUUU

What is a limited scope x-ray technologist?

I’m looking for radiography schools and I found one that calls their program “limited scope”. I have a feeling this is like a half-hearted x-ray school lol. Can someone tell what it really means?

What ist he best BSc wich gives good Horizons that I can Apply for ?

I shall get Bacalaurriate Degree in physics , And I’m wondering What’s the best BSc in physics that I can Apply for ? as like ” Applied Science , Diagnostic Radiography , Therapeutic Radiography…” ; And I would like continue in the field of ” physics and astronomy or theoretical physics ” after BSc ; What Should I do ????????
# And I appriciate your help ! Thank you .
I mean Baccalaureate Degree ! XD sorry for mistake !

What study tools did you use to pass your Arrt exam?

I am a student in my 3rd semester of radiography. I plan on taking the registry in two more semesters but I want to start preparing now. What books, cd’s, websites or other tools did you use to pass your exam?

Things to consider when opening your own dental practice NHS?

I wonder if any one has any personal experience or information on opening an NHS dental practice? What needs to be considered such as health and saftey inspections, radiography regulations, all the legal information and little bits and bobs. Or if any one knows of a website where I could gather such information I would be most grateful. Thank you.

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