Nuclear med tech schools in nc??

I was looking for schools in NC other than forsyth tech that offers the nuclear medicine tech degree. Please help.

Is Hyperthyroidsm can be speedily cured by Nuclear Medicine? If so what is the method?

Who performs a PET/CT scan, an x-ray tech or nuclear medicine tech?

Has Nuclear energy have been used in medicine such as ways to cure cancer? you have up to 5 hours to anser it!?

if so i need the website you got your info from.
the best answer will get 10 points!

i have another question:
how many workers are needed to run a nuclear power plant?

How does nuclear imaging work? Why is it sometimes used instead of x-rays?

Thank you!

Medicine and Technology?

Well, hey all!

How are you doing?

I just want to benefit from the experience of medical doctors.
I am currently a fifth year medical student.

I love technology very much and I love software development and everything that is physics-related, mathmatics-related or even technology-related.

All what I want to ask about is what branch of knowledge or science can help me benefit from both my medical studies and technology? I mean, what branch can I complete my studies in that will be using both medical career and technology as a base career?
I like to make something that medical doctors can benefit, something innovative.

I hope you are understanding me.

Thank you very much.

Is the Catholic church for or against nuclear power?

Like nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, nuclear medicine and nuclear power plants

Nuclear medicine or Radiation therapist. what are your job duties and who makes more $$$ of this two.?

I just want to have an idea of what are this jobs about and how much can u make.
Thank you

where can i download laboratory manuals for nuclear medicine experiments ? specially for finding accumulative?


nuclear enerygy project!?

what are the uses of nuclear energy? would that be x-rays and cat scans?

what are the benefits and conflicts with nuclear energy?

how will it affect the future?

i need to know if nuclear medicine is a good field to get into?

I’m pregnant working next room of nuclear medicine lab? Would that affect the baby?

Can Hyperthyroid reoccur after treatment?

My dad , diagnosed as hyperthyroidism , he was given nuclear medicines , drops and some other medicines. He was cured fully . Can it reoccur ? He was diagnosed with it in 1997 and recovered in 2000 completely.

Im 8 weeks pregnant and my mom got a nuclear stress test done?

hi im 8 weeks pregnant and my mom got a nuclear stress test done were it contains come nuclear medicine i dont really know much but i heard that it could harm my baby? we live in the same house and i dont know if i need to stay away from her or how long i do need to stay away from her…can someone please help me

What’s the difference between radioactive materials and nuclear radiation?

I know nuclear radiation is alpha and beta particles and neutron emmision and gamma rays… but what are examples of radioactive materials? uranium-92? and what are their uses? How do radioactive materials form?

Can anybody sponsor me to become a Nuclear Medical Technologist?

To Whom it may concern,

Hi my name is Justin Rilkoff. I have been interested in the medical
field for quite some time now, since my cardiac ablation. I used to be
a pilot and with the SVT then cardiac procedure, my dreams of being an
airline pilot dwindled.

I want to become a Nuclear Medical Technologist. I am 26 yrs old,
married and a father of an eight month old boy. I want a stable
career, I was in sales, running a small corporation and used to be a
GPS Surveyor in Oil/Gas Exploration in Canada’s frigid Arctic,
therefore, I am used to high-tech equipment and love using them all
the time. I was raised in British Columbia Canada and just moved to
the USA to be with my wife.

Thank you for enduring this email, but I am desperate and worried
that I can’t remember my high school Physics. Is there a good and
relatively quick/fast-track program that could get me job in the
Nuclear Medicine field? I live in Spokane WA right now and might be
moving to Atlanta or Houston

Any CURRENT nuclear medicine students or recent grads??

I am really considering going into nuclear medicine. Math is my weak point. Question is how much math is ACTUALLY going to be used in the field? How hard are the classes? Please someone shed some light on their experience. If you are a recent grad what is your starting salary? Any information you can tell me would be great. 10pts to the best answer.

I just graduated as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, anybody know any openings in NJ by union county area ?

I just graduated, and I need a job. Anybody in the radiology dept in a hospital, cardiologist office, or outpatient imaging centers that is hiring. I did general nuclear medicine plus PET/CT.

What are the side effects of Rai (Radioactive Iodine) for thyroid treatment ?

My mom is 72 yrs old. On Nov 27 of last year her GP sent her to a thyroid specialist and was told that she should take this nuclear medicine RAI Pill to kill her thyroid and once that was done, they would put her on thyroid pills to control her thyroid. Since taking this RAI pill her BP and Diabetes is totally out of wack ! Her BP has gone up 218/90 . The doctor put her on Norvasc and the diabetes specialist put her on topazole. Her BP seems to be getting better but her diabetes is still bad. She started getting a really bad rash since this weekend, and her GP told her to stop taking the 4 pills of topazole for a couple of days until she gets to see her thyroid specialist next monday. My mom had her BP and
diabetes under control before taking this RAI pill. She thought she was going for a routine thyroid check up. Why are we not getting any answers from her doctors? Her GP said that he is not responsible for medication given to her from the other doctors. What is going on ?

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