Help!! question about the MRI?

how is the ionizing radiation that is used in the MRI different from normal radiation??

CT scan/MRI with titanium screws?

If i have two titanium screws in my knee can i get a CT scan or MRI for my brain?

MRI and cartilage piercings?

I have to get an MRI of my ankle in a few weeks and I just got two cartilage piercings a week ago. I really don’t want to take them out because they are just now starting to feel better and don’t hurt so much anymore.
If I have to take them out, is there something I can do to keep the holes open? It will be less than an hour that they’re out.
Do I absolutely have to take them out? Last time I got an MRI (of my head) I was allowed to wear jeans with a metal zipper/buttons.

Have you ever had an MRI?

I had an MRI today (liver). It was really interesting first you have to take off anything that may intefere with the procedure. They put an IV in your arm and they give you breathing instructions. They strap you to a board (they have blankets if you’re cold) stick plugs in your ear, give you headsets (so that you can listen to their instructions on how and when to breath) and then they push you inside a tube but not before giving you an emergency call button.

Being inside the tube was the most interesting part to me. It made me think about what it must be like to lay inside a coffin (which wasn’t as bad as i had imagined). As i lay there i wondered if anyone ever gets inside to clean it (lol). Sometimes you slide up and down inside the tube. I thought it would have been nice if the radiologist would have told me before he jolted me but thats okay because other than that he was nice.

The noise was really funny. I started to feel as if i was in some sort of spaceship because of the weird noises. With some of the different noises i would get a warm sensation. I can’t describe it though. It was just weird not painful just weird.

Finally they pull you out and remove the straps, the headset and ear plugs. Don’t pull your own ear plugs out because it feels good when the radiologist does it.

Did you have a good or bad MRI experience? What was the MRI for?

MRI and radiologist whats the different?

i m planning to go MRI school but i heard is hard to find a job with out taking a Radiologie it s that true? and i m really confused does any one know whats the different betwen MRI and Radiologist?

how much is an MRI without insurance?

How much is an MRI without:
for the left leg,
& in NY.
it’s basically the ankle down to the foot.

contrast dye MRI?

if you are having an mri of your foot do they need to use contrast dye?

MRI question?

Does the brain get damaged after an MRI or another kind of magnet

How accurate is a MRI Scan?

So I’ve had MRI scan done for my ankle/heel. The area where anterior talofibular ligament is located is swollen and when I put weight on that leg, it hurts severely. So the MRI that I had done on my akle about roughly 8 months ago reveled nothing wrong with my ankle. So idk why its still swollen and hurts everytime I put weight on it. Is it a possibility that the MRI was not totally accurate because I remember falling asleep for a short while during the procedure. Is it a good idea for me to get another MRI done on my ankle?

Thanks for your answers!!!

Headache after MRI Scan?

I had my Lumbar MRI Scan today and ever since I got up off the table I have had a really bad headache, is this normal?

MRI business investment in Colorado?

please help….Ive got couple questions i’m looking into investing in a Mobile MRi business in Colorado and i hear its a great investment for a business, and ive been told that you leave the MRI mobile trailer at the hospital but before that you sign a contract with the hospitals but if hospitals have MRI machines why would they need yours?

Getting an MRI tommorow, tips?

Hi so I’m getting an MRI of my lumbar spine tommorow and want to know some tips.

First of all do you go in on stomach or back?

Here’s my problem, part of the reason I’m having this is because I often have ‘tremors’ where I will flail my arms and torso, in a repetitive seizure like movement, but completly aware, so more of an uncontrolled tick.

How do I stay still for that?

What should I expect?

D I bring anything?

does medical insurance cover an mri?

can i get an mri if i have that insurance???

MRI with contrast or not?

I’m going to need an MRI for my forearm because I keep bruising after I do any type of sports, which was originally thought to be a tendon injury. I was just wondering if anyone knew if I’d need an IV? I heard that you only need one if it’s an MRI with contrast, what does that mean?

Thanks in advance :)

need help with these Mri questions?

if you had a muscle tear or ligament problem could that show on a mri…..also when the mri checks your spine does that show your whole back?

Brain MRI???

I was wondering what happens during a brain MRI…
Do I have to take my clothes off or anything?
So I need to be wearing a gown?!!!
By taking my clothes off of course>_<
I hate this.

How do I prepare for an MRI?

I’m getting an MRI of my thoracic spine tomorrow. Two questions- do I have to do anything to prepare other than taking any metal out of my body? Also, is this going to involve any IV dye or anything like that or its just a matter of hop on the table, sit still, and wait? Thanks.

What do I need to study to be an MRI technician for animals?

I am currently enrolled in a community college in southern California, and I am interested in a career as an MRI technician in the veterinary field.

What kind of degrees and/or programs should I be looking into? (If you know any schools that specialize in a field like this, please don’t hesitate to let me know!)

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

Can an mri of the kidneys detect if im pregnant?

I have PKD (polycystic kidney disease) so i have to get an mri of my kidneys in november. Well me and my boyfriend are having a pregnancy scare and are getting a test soon. I just dont want my parents to find out.

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