Radiography or Ultrasound, which is a better career?

I am currently pre-Rad. I would like a good job in the imaging field. I was recently advised by a doctor that ultrasound is the way of the future & better money. Of course, it would pose less health risks.

I would love to hear from people in that side of health sci to advise me as to a better specialty. I also considered finishing basic Rad and continuing to MRI, CT, etc. Please share your knowledge with me!

If this helps, I am currently in the Triangle, NC, and hope to eventually work in Maryland/N.Virginia area.


  1. Radiography and ultrasound are BOTH excellent fields , and you really can’t go wrong either way in terms of demand….the deciding factor here really is the money.

    Ultrasound is much higher pay-wise , infact ultrasound ( and Nuc med) are the highest paid in imaging…ultrasound for being the most skilled , and Nuc med for having the highest risk. Ultrasound isn;t easy…it’s 100% operator dependent. YOU control everything from where the beam goes to the intensity, to the compression of the soundwaves. There is a a whole registry in physics you will need to pass…of course , learning the physics is part of your program. like I said …it doesn’t come easy to everyone . Most classes strt out with 20 students , and graduate with less than half that number.

    X-ray typically starts anywhere from 14 to 18 per hour . Ultrasound starting pay is between 24 and 26 per hour nationally and goes up dependent upon the experience level , and number of registries held the the sonographer.

    it really depends on you ….money isn’t everything . What would YOU be most happy doing Both have direct patient care , both have the benifits of a solid in-demand career. many people start out x-ray and do ultrasound later . It’s all a personal choice .

    I wish you luck either way :-)

    ~Ej has listings of accredited ultrasound programs state by state. Don’t waste money on an unrecognized program. un-accredited program = NOT registry eligable. That means NO JOB. don;t get scammed by a non-acredited school out for your money.

  2. yes dear u should take the ultrasound career because it has lot of money in future and now of luck

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