What do I major in to become a Radiologic Technologist?

I’m so lost :(

18 week ultrasound pLz help?

my first ultrasound was when I was 9 weeks I was wondering if I cud ask my doctor today at the appointment to send me for an ulteasoud I am 18 weeks I would like to find out the gender will he let me do that?

Question regarding radiology?

So, I was trying to look up radiologist jobs, or xray techs. I know there are a lot of certificates, would the first one be a radiology tech certificate. Also, is the certificate still okay, instead of an associates? .

MRI and radiologist whats the different?

i m planning to go MRI school but i heard is hard to find a job with out taking a Radiologie it s that true? and i m really confused does any one know whats the different betwen MRI and Radiologist?

Has Nuclear energy have been used in medicine such as ways to cure cancer? you have up to 5 hours to anser it!?

if so i need the website you got your info from.
the best answer will get 10 points!

i have another question:
how many workers are needed to run a nuclear power plant?

how much is an MRI without insurance?

How much is an MRI without:
for the left leg,
& in NY.
it’s basically the ankle down to the foot.

Radiography to Radiology?

I am really interested in becoming a Radiology Therapist. However, the only school in my area that offers something close to this field is Radiography (I’m in Virginia, Hampton Roads area). If I pursue Radiography can I use this as a stepping stone to become a Radiology Therapist? If not what steps do I need to take? I am willing to relocate to another state to become a Radiology Therapist within reason. Does anyone know of an accredited school in Virgnia (preferably the AART) that I could attend for Radiology Therapy? Any information would be great! Thank you!

online radiology degree?

What are some good college/universities to attend for online radiology degree

How does ultrasound create mist?

I have one of those new mist fountains that create mist using ultrasound. How exactly does it do this?

ultrasound measurements of by week?

on December 18th I had em ultrasound the baby measured 7 weeks and 1 day1.03 centimeters I even had a ultrasound on January 3rd and the baby measures 8 weeks and 3 days 1.90 centimeters is this normal or could something be wrong

How does nuclear imaging work? Why is it sometimes used instead of x-rays?

Thank you!

doctor visits and ultrasound during pregnancy?

How many visits doctors are recommend during pregnancy? My doctor meets me once a month and sometimes after 5 weeks.I am 26 weeks along now.

How often doctor recommend ultrasound during pregnancy? So far my 2 ultrasounds are done. My in-laws live in Germany and my sister in law told me that she had ultrasound done every two weeks from week 20. Please let me know if you know

Medicine and Technology?

Well, hey all!

How are you doing?

I just want to benefit from the experience of medical doctors.
I am currently a fifth year medical student.

I love technology very much and I love software development and everything that is physics-related, mathmatics-related or even technology-related.

All what I want to ask about is what branch of knowledge or science can help me benefit from both my medical studies and technology? I mean, what branch can I complete my studies in that will be using both medical career and technology as a base career?
I like to make something that medical doctors can benefit, something innovative.

I hope you are understanding me.

Thank you very much.

Radiology tech or Physical Therapist Assist.?

Im 33 live in El Paso Tx, currently working a full time to support my family. Im thinking of going back to school to better my financial situation and get a decent degree. Looking for a two year degree and not sure which one of these two Degrees would be more beneficial overall. Which one is easier and would work with my current work schedule. Also which one is an overall better career? and why??

contrast dye MRI?

if you are having an mri of your foot do they need to use contrast dye?

Radiology Technician?

I just had some questions about being a Radiology Technician. I am going to Mesa Community College in Arizona right now so I can get 4 science courses out of the way so in a year I can go to Pima Medical Institute for Radiology, if I’m accepted. After going to Pima I would then go on and specialize in CT and MRI.
I just wanted to know what are some of the other tasks that you do daily, other then taking the actual x-rays? Would you recommend a hospital, imaging center or a doctor’s office for a place of work? Do you work closely with the Radiologist or are you mostly on your own while he is with patients?
I am just trying to get a feel of what life would be like. I think this area would fit me best of all the areas I could work in. Any information and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
ALSO! Please, if you are NOT in the medical field, I would rather you not answer. I would like actual Radiology Technicians, Radiologists or other doctors or nurses to answer. Thank you.

Can any1 suggest me an online forum for radiology?

Question about Ultrasound.?

I had my ultrasound done yesterday and on the picture it said six weeks and 4 days and i was wondering does the ultrasound come up with that date or do they go by when i told them my last period is.

do u have to have a college degree to go to a radiology school…. or just a high-school diploma.?

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