Mids/Pacs Nervous! Competition..help!?

Hi! I’m on the Chicago Skates open-juvenile synchronized skating team. On Wednesday, we’ll be off to Colorado to compete in Midwesterns/Pacifics! I am utterly excited, but a bit nervous. Do you have competition tips? Competition rituals? What should I do on the Plane??!!? lol. Wish us luck!!

Thanks in advance!


  1. Keep in mind a little nerves give you the winning edge!

    I listen to my ipod, stretch, and just keep myself busy the entire time right up to the last minute. Not to be funny but I use to get so nervous.

  2. I like to listen to old radio shows on my way to competitions. It takes my mind off being nervous. I also like to remind myself that this is fun or I wouldn’t have spent all that time working on it. Wish my rink had a synchro team. You’re lucky.

    Good luck.

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