jobs in sports – please help !?

My boyfriend and I are both in college . I’m a mass communications major and hes a radiology major. But hes having second thoughts about what he wants to do. I told him he should do something he’ll enjoy that also makes alot of money. And he loves sports. specifically football and baseball. What are some careers in the sports industry, besides being a player?

thanks for the help =]


  1. If you posess a degree – or any alternative qualification – then you’ll already be in front of of the crowd when it comes to looking for careers. My friend has a degree and he wasn’t certain what direction to go with it, but he found some good tips and tricks on the website in the resource box below which helped him to decide that he wanted to be a lab assistant. There is loads of guidance on the website regarding alternative careers.

  2. texasirishrose says:

    I don’t see the problem with radiology major..I think that’s a good field.
    In fact why not go into sports medicine,if he is interested in sports.?I would stick with radiology,it’s could play a major role in sports.
    some sports fields: Journalism
    field management
    sports supplies

  3. smartman11222 says:

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