Jobs in hospitals/doctors offices that don’t require a degree?

I’m currently going to school for radiology and I want to get a job right now that will give me some experience in the medical field. I’m willing to take classes for certifications but I can’t do anything that will take longer than 2-3 months to get certified in. I know there are certified nursing assistants but are there any other jobs I could get?


  1. Exandolon says:

    Your best bet is to get something with lots of patient contact. Since you don’t have a degree or license, you should pretty much give up trying to get a job where you will be doing anything clinical. The medical school will be looking for how you have developed an understanding of the career you want to go into rather than your ability to draw blood or do sutures. If, on the other hand, you do find the time to get certifications, definitely go for nursing/nursing assistant. those are quite common. EMT might be good too, you should only need a semester of classes to get your EMT B. you’ll probably just be driving the ambulance and lifting patients into the back, but you WILL get to go on calls and have that face-to-face with the patients.

    Any job that lets you talk with patients for more than a minute or two will look good. Perhaps someone who helps patients fill out intake paperwork or one of those people who sits and talks with patients who have no family to visit them.

    A better idea would be to get your experience through volunteering. Hospitals usually want volunteers in the ER and other areas and this is an excellent way to get the exp, plus volunteering is pretty much mandatory anyways to get into medical school. Even 2-3 hours a week should be fine if you keep it up for 6 mo or more. Shadowing is also good, look into that as well.

    Hope this helps, good luck with medical school!

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