Is the Democratic Party committing suicide by not taking lobbyist money?

Barack Obama is trying to impose his party in the new mold of his campaign, of not taking money from lobbyists and PACs. Sounds nice, but is this good for the party? Political parties rely on these, and stopping them may not be prudent for campaigns beyond a Dem favorable atmosphere with anemic Republican efforts. For example, if 2010 doesn’t look good for Dems, would it be smart to not take lobbyist money? For the party overall, is this new anti-lobbyist money policy smart?


  1. Nope, why do you think McCain is in trouble.

  2. BigGMoney15 says:

    Hmmm… seemed to work for his campaign, now, didn’t it?

  3. Forget War Buy More says:

    No, it may well be reviving itself.

  4. Wishtobe says:

    Hey twin brother.

    Mom was looking for you like an hour ago.

  5. Democrats not taking money from lobbyists ??????

    What the hell have you been smokin ?

  6. brickity hussein brack says:

    Let the Republicans wallow in the mire with the PACs. The people are behind the Democrats and the people will fund them.

  7. I can’t believe you’re defending lobbyists.

    Obama has raised the most money of any candidate EVER, and he has done this through the money of regular people.

    The Democratic Party can do the same, especially since they’ll never have to raise as much as Obama’s campaign.

  8. thequeenreigns says:

    No, I don’t think it is suicide and it was in keeping with a promise that Obama made when he started on this journey. Within 48 hours of capturing the nomination, he kept his word with regards to that. It is refreshing to actually have a politician keep his word on something.
    It is also in keeping with the “change” theme of his campaign, not to be beholden to any federal lobbyist of PAC

  9. 1970′s hit. Ought to be in the top ’08 this year.

    Smiling faces
    Smiling faces
    They’ll only try to fool ya
    Smiling faces
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    Tell lies

  10. jajadajade says:

    maybe they don’t need it.

  11. Mr. Obama gets his money from me – and millions like me. He’ll do just fine – and I might not be donating if he was taking money from some crooked lobbyist like Bush/McSame do.

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