In your opinion, which would be better to choose?

1. Respiratory Therapist
2. Radiologic Technologist
3. Nuclear Medicine Technologist
4. Registered Nurse
5. Radiation Therapist

It would also be helpful if you could tell me how long it would take to become one of the above and some pros and cons. To be honest I would really like to work in a hospital so if you have any other suggestions those would be helpful too.

Thanks for any help! I’m a senior in high school and i’m really stressing out about what I want to be.



    I wanted to do that ^^ but i can’t find any schools that cover for that program where i live :( so now i have to change my major :O but anyways you should look into it because its a great career, its fast and it pays a lot to. :O

    Good luck! :O

  2. The Woman In Question says:

    3. because it sounds the coolest

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