I was around a friend a day after she took her radiation pill?

Hi I am a bit worried. I met this girl who has thyroid cancer and she took her radiation pill on Wednesday and she told me it was safe to be around her after 8 hours so we met up the next day and went out to lunch. And she gave me a hug and I also went and hung out at her place. After doing a little research I read that they can’t be around anybody for 3 or 4 days. How much danger am I in, and what is going to happen to me? I bit scared right now.
No we didn’t have sex, we hugged and that’s it.


  1. you had sex with her?
    if not, no worries
    people live in the same house
    with people on radiation,
    just use separate toilets.

  2. thinkingtime says:

    People taking radiation pills stay in hospital in isolation.

  3. People undergoing radioactive iodine therapy need to stay clear of young children and pregnant women for several days after each treatment.

  4. These pills emit very little radiation so I wouldn’t bother at all. Radiation is around us all day anyway. We already have radioactive isotopes in our body and get it from the atmosphere of the planet. There’s nothing at all to worry about.

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