How many times during pregnancy do you normally get an ultrasound?

I went in for my first ultrasound at 19 weeks, do doctors usually have you get another ultrasound later if everything looked good the first time? If so, around when would it be?


  1. Laura C says:

    All doctors are different. I had them at 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks, then 24 weeks. The last one wasn’t entirely necessary – the only reason my doctor wanted one more was because she was laying there funny and they couldn’t see the top of her spine.

    But after this last one, he said there wouldn’t be anymore. I’d guess your next one would be at 24 weeks, then thats it.


  2. Pregnant with a boy!! says:

    normally i think its 2. one @ 20 weeks and one @28 weeks.

  3. I don’t know, but I had a sonogram at 9 weeks, a sonogram at 14 weeks and I am scheduled for an ultrasound next month when I will be at 18 weeks.

  4. stevies_mom says:

    i had one at 7 weeks, 20 weeks, and again at 26 weeks. however, the one at 26 weeks was because of complications and led to an emergency c-section.

  5. Normally 2. One about 8 weeks to make sure the pregnancy is viable and then one at about 20 weeks to check for abnormalities. I had a third because my son was late and they wanted to make sure he was alright ;)

  6. I had one at twelve weeks because I wanted the down syndrome risk results. I have another scheduled for 19wks to ensure all is going to plan (& to hopefully find out the sex!) but I believe after that it all depends on how comfortable you are & if your doctor feels it is neccessary.

  7. Catherine L says:

    Mine will do it twice. Once early in the pregnancy (6-8 weeks) and one at 20 to make sure everything is fine. Incidently, my insurance will only cover two. (Blue Cross HMO)

  8. CalifGirl! says:

    Normal is two. One at the beginning to make sure you are preggo and no miscarriage-8 weeks, and one at 20 weeks to check for any probs. You can have more if you have problems with pregnancy though.

  9. Tiggerrrs says:

    It depends. i believe if you are having a normal pregnancy then 2, however if you are having a high risk like with gestational diabetes or high blood pressure it would be more.
    I have gestational and I am 33 weeks and my doctor is ordering a ultrasound every week to track my baby’s growth.

  10. Julia Marie (due 11/30/07) says:

    Depends on when you start your appointments, how early you are in your pregnancy. If you go early like around 8 weeks they will do one to date the pregnancy or they will do one to date it if you have no idea when you LMP was, you will then have another ultrasound called a level 2 when your about 18-23 weeks to check the baby’s development. After that you most likely wont have another unless your pregnancy is high risk or there is something abnormal that they need to check out.

    I had one ultrasound at 18 weeks, they moved my due date to the 30th, then I had another at 37 weeks, because they said my baby was now too big. But everything checkout to be fine.

    If your worried about how many you will get ask your doctor, or if you have the finance to, look into a 3D ultrasound, wish I could have afforded one of those.

    Any ways good luck through out your pregnancy and congratulations!!

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