How can US go to credible National Referendums?

It appears that we can not as a people get “our” issues addressed in W-DC due to all the powerful-greedy political action committees. Can we band together via the internet, present issues here, and then do our own National Referendums? Time for a Constitutional Amendment? We are the people of this government of “We the people”, not we the PACs.


  1. It will not work. During the campaigning back in the presidential primaries, Hillary was quoted as saying something to the effect that “We the people” do not know what is good for us, so the government must step in & make the decisions for us. She said that it was for our own good. We are quickly descending into socialism. Communism is not out of sight for our country. The majority of the people elected the democrats, so the liberals will choose what kind of government the U.S. becomes. W-DC is not interested in real issues or referendums. They will decide what is constitutional, whether it is in the constitutional or not. Very soon, I believe, it really won’t matter what “We the people” want, need, or believe. I think that very soon we will be told how to think, act, etc. It’s a shame.

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