How can PVCs and PACs really be begnin?

Cardiologist says I have benign PVCs and PACs how can they be benign and how am I supposed to live with this? I’ve stopped all caffeine, and I don’t drink.


  1. I have had benign PAC’s for years. Sometimes they are worse than other times, but for no reason. My cardiologist does a Echocardiogram yearly and a stress test ever couple of years to make sure nothing is going on, but my heart is structurally sound and I have no coronary artery disease.
    There are medications that the doctors can prescribe to supress the irregular heart beats, but the side effects bother me more than the PAC’s do and my doctor says there is no evidence that taking the medications will prevent other heart issues that might arise, so I just choose to deal with the PAC’s.
    It takes a while to learn to deal with it though. Stress can make them worse, so if you feel them coming on, try doing some slow, deep breathing for a few minutes. Also, check into biofeedback. I have heard that this can help as well.
    Good Luck.

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