Has Obama ever accepted money from PACS or lobbyists?

I want to know Barack Obama’s history of associations with PACS and lobbyists, since he has indicated he never took money from them.


  1. Yes, he has. He lied when he said he hasn’t.

  2. Obama has never said he hasn’t taken money from PACs and lobbyists. Obama has accepted money from lobbyists as has all the presidential candidates running for president at some time in their political careers. Even the frantic ravings of Edwards being free of lobbyist and PAC money are untrue when you look at his entire political career. The only Democrats that are virtually free of lobbyists and PAC money for this 2008 Presidential race are Obama and Edwards.

    Just the facts! Obama in ’08!

  3. As noted by several websites on the Internet, Obama has accepted PAC money, but many journalist say that he’s doing the best he can to balance raising funds from them and not being tied to them. Also, the following web link may shed more light on the subject:

  4. you’re getting him confused with hillary.

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