Do I need AP Chemistry for Radiology?

When I wanted to take AP chemistry instead of normal chemistry, the class was full. Is it essential to take the AP course instead of the normal course if i want to pursue a career in radiology?
I’m only in high school, so will I have another opportunity to make it up in college before I go to med. school?


  1. You will need college chemistry credit to get into med school and pursue radiology. Some schools let you take the AP test even if you’re not in the AP class. Otherwise you’ll have to take chemistry again in college. This might not be bad though because taking a class you’re already familiar with will make it easier to get a good grade and start college with a high gpa. Also you might be more prepared to take other chemistry classes such as organic chemistry. Organic chemistry is really difficult and you will need it to get into med school.

    I’d talk to an advisor as well. They will definitely know more about this than I do

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