Dicom Pacs Help Your Medical Office Run More Smoothly

Dicom pacs is the wave of the future at medical offices and hospitals of all sizes and specialties. An efilm workstation, along with a dicom viewer, allows your medical team to work more efficiently and enables you to provide better care for your patients.

A dicom pacs, or picture archiving and communications system, does a lot of the work that was once done tediously by hand instead by a computer. A pacs system utilizes the speed and maneuverability of the Internet to make life in the medical office much easier for everyone. You can take digital images and enhance them with an efilm workstation. You can archive the images, view them on your dicom viewer, and distribute them to authorized diagnosticians regardless of their locale as long as they have Internet access. Dicom pacs is also versatile. You can look at ultrasounds, MRIs, CT scans, mammograms, and x-rays of all types. All types of medical facilities can use dicom pacs, including dental, veterinary, mammography, radiology and chiropractic clinics. An efilm workstation utilizing dicom pacs offers storage and retrieval capabilities that were very costly in the past but now are much more cost effective by going digital. Because you are working online, you can send images to your colleagues down the hall in your office or around the world in the same amount of time. In times past, the physical storage of digital images was costly and burdensome, requiring a great deal of space and hours of physical maintenance. Now storage and retrieval can be done with the click of a mouse with dicom viewers.

Digital images can be downloaded to CDs for compact storage. Backing up digital images is also easier; they can be stored on a server both onsite as well as offsite, allowing you to keep a copy of all your records in a safe place should disaster strike at the office, and the records there are damaged by fire or water. A dicom viewer can be connected to a printer. This allows you to print images when there are times that you need a hard copy. A dicom viewers also offers other features impossible with film images. You can use the dicom viewer equipped with pacs to allow you to crop, rotate, or zoom in on a particular spot on the image. You can adjust the brightness or contrast easily. These types of adjustments can mean the difference between accurate and faulty diagnoses, so dicom pacs gives you a sharper image for more accurate diagnoses. Using pacs makes imaging, storing, retrieval and distribution easier for all medical personnel at your clinic.

Jonathon Blocker writes about dicom pacs. With installations at over 450 imaging centers and hospitals; Dicom Solutions is one of the leading distributors in the medical imaging industry.

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