CT scan/MRI with titanium screws?

If i have two titanium screws in my knee can i get a CT scan or MRI for my brain?


  1. Yes, you can get an MRI/CT brain scan although you have titanium screws in your knee without any interference whatsoever. You can get an MRI on your knee, too, even though you have titanium screws in your knee. My cervical spine is held together by a titanium plate and numerous screws, another titanium screw in my foot, and I’ve had numerous MRI’s post op.

  2. randall_nd says:

    Titanium is not attracted my magnetism, therefore, it won’t affect an MRI or CT scan.

  3. I-malaysian says:

    You certainly can especially for the brain.

    Extra info:
    Titanium is a non-magnetic material, it would appear without signal in MRI if you MRI the knee.
    But problem will occur in the image if you do CT of the knee as titanium will appear too white in the image.

    Once again; you can.

  4. This is actually two separate questions as CT and MRI are completely different technologies:

    1. CT (computerized tomography) makes images with X-rays. No problem. Take anything in there that the tech will let you have.

    2. MRI (magnetic resonant imaging) creates images by vibrating you and everything in your body (no radiation). Things which are non-ferrous are expected to be safe, but always check the manufacturers recommendations.
    Since MRIs are seldom done on an emergency basis, be sure to round up the product information for your implants. If the technician has any doubts they will check with the manufacturer.

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