Can we get a law passed making lobbyists show who got ‘contributions’?

This way all family members, foundations, PACs and legislators would be shown as receiving money.
When a website digs around, their findings could be skewed and delayed. When a report is submitted to the government it is timely and all donations will be listed under penalty of law.

I just want a level playing field for the voters. I am sick of Congress playing their do nothing games.
Lobbyists wouldn’t let a law pass like this, you’re very likely right.

Can the IRS get involved?


  1. John Jacob says:

    Yes we should. Lets see how much the Koch boys are pitching in.

  2. You mean the million websites showing who got donations isn’t enough?

    Don’t tell me. You are a Democrat.

    Don’t cry when you finally realize Democrats are owned by Wall Street, the same Wall Street that brought the worlds economy to the brink of collapse.

  3. BlackSunshine84 says:

    It’s illegal for legislators to accept money from lobbyists, so what makes you think Congressmen are going to hand you a list of how much money they got from each lobbyist?

  4. A Voice of Reason says:

    I would like that. However, I suspect the lobbyists would lobby against this.

    EDIT: Sadly, the IRS cannot get involved unless a law is passed that allows them to do so.

  5. That list is on file with the federal government now both at the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Elections Commission. It isn’t complete, however. Most of Obama’s campaign donations from PAC’s and Lobbyists is either not listed or hasn’t been divulged.

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