Can a medical physicist be considered as a nuclear physicist as well?

Medical physics is a very broad area of expertise including aspects of nuclear physics and nuclear technology in medicine. As far as I know, a medical physicist can be also be referred as a radiation physicist because a big portion of his education is based upon the understanding of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

My question is if a physicist with a MSc and/or a PhD in medical physics can also be referred as a nuclear physicist!

Thanks in advance.


  1. Personally, I’d say no.
    Medical physicists study the effect of radiation on living tissue, and vice versa.
    This includes things like shielding, diagnostic radiation, radiation therapy, dosimetry, radiochemistry, and the like.

    Nuclear physicists study the theories underlying nuclear reactions.
    This includes things like nuclear decay modes, reactions involving smashing different particles into atoms, shell theory, and the like

    The only thing in common between the two is they both involve nuclear radiation.

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