should i go into radiology or nursing?

i’m stuck between radiology and nursing. i’ve worked really hard on trying to get into the radiology program but i’ve heard so many things about not being able to find a job in that field and that scares me but i think it would be cool to take x-rays. i recently considered going into nursing because i think it would be interesting to see the things they see and i’ve always been interested in the human body..i am extremely torn between the two..if somebody could give me some advice or some information about their careers in either of the fields please let me know :)

What will happen during an ultrasound?

I am going for an ultrasound tomorrow not because I’m pregnant just to see if my uterus is working well. I’m not pregnant. They told me to drink a lot of water and not pee. My friend had an ultrasound like this once and they said she had to lay down totally naked, and they put a bucket under her to pee in right there since she was naked. She wasn’t pregnant and I’m not either. Does that usually happen? Will they make me go completely naked and pee in a bucket right there?

Help!! question about the MRI?

how is the ionizing radiation that is used in the MRI different from normal radiation??

CT scan/MRI with titanium screws?

If i have two titanium screws in my knee can i get a CT scan or MRI for my brain?

what kind of high demand jobs are out there for a 2 year degree?

Hi , im going back to school and I cannot waste time getting schooling in something that leads to no job. other than the health field what other jobs pay well ?

Nuclear med tech schools in nc??

I was looking for schools in NC other than forsyth tech that offers the nuclear medicine tech degree. Please help.

MRI and cartilage piercings?

I have to get an MRI of my ankle in a few weeks and I just got two cartilage piercings a week ago. I really don’t want to take them out because they are just now starting to feel better and don’t hurt so much anymore.
If I have to take them out, is there something I can do to keep the holes open? It will be less than an hour that they’re out.
Do I absolutely have to take them out? Last time I got an MRI (of my head) I was allowed to wear jeans with a metal zipper/buttons.

Degree towards Radiology Nursing…?

I should start off by saying that my mom was a nurse. Since high school I’ve wanted to study towards my business degree. Now, things have changed and I want to pursue a degree towards Radiology Nursing. If you’ve gone to school for the same thing can you share your experiences? From the work load, hours of classes and labs to the joys of your job in that field.

thanks :)
Forgot to add this… How broad is this field? Are these nurses cross trained with another field or nurse? What kinds of degrees can a person hold to work in this field?
Rad Tech – I do want to work more with X-rays, MRI’s and such. I’m glad you answered my question to the extent that you did.

What are the dangers of……………………?

Radio waves & how do we prevent them
Microwaves & how do we prevent them
Infrared& how do we prevent them
Visible Light& how do we prevent them
Ultra Violet & how do we prevent them
X-rays & how do we prevent them
Gamma Rays & how do we prevent them

need quite a bit of detail please and NEED to know how the dangers are prevented. First answer with enough detail gets 10 points, without a doubt and i’ll vote for you being the best answer to questions you’ve answered before & i’ll give you thumbs up on all your answers ;) thank you!
what is ionizing? great answer-thank you!!

Have you ever had an MRI?

I had an MRI today (liver). It was really interesting first you have to take off anything that may intefere with the procedure. They put an IV in your arm and they give you breathing instructions. They strap you to a board (they have blankets if you’re cold) stick plugs in your ear, give you headsets (so that you can listen to their instructions on how and when to breath) and then they push you inside a tube but not before giving you an emergency call button.

Being inside the tube was the most interesting part to me. It made me think about what it must be like to lay inside a coffin (which wasn’t as bad as i had imagined). As i lay there i wondered if anyone ever gets inside to clean it (lol). Sometimes you slide up and down inside the tube. I thought it would have been nice if the radiologist would have told me before he jolted me but thats okay because other than that he was nice.

The noise was really funny. I started to feel as if i was in some sort of spaceship because of the weird noises. With some of the different noises i would get a warm sensation. I can’t describe it though. It was just weird not painful just weird.

Finally they pull you out and remove the straps, the headset and ear plugs. Don’t pull your own ear plugs out because it feels good when the radiologist does it.

Did you have a good or bad MRI experience? What was the MRI for?

Is Hyperthyroidsm can be speedily cured by Nuclear Medicine? If so what is the method?

What are the dangers of mobile [cellular] phones?

and can they cause cancer of the face or brain?

I was around a friend a day after she took her radiation pill?

Hi I am a bit worried. I met this girl who has thyroid cancer and she took her radiation pill on Wednesday and she told me it was safe to be around her after 8 hours so we met up the next day and went out to lunch. And she gave me a hug and I also went and hung out at her place. After doing a little research I read that they can’t be around anybody for 3 or 4 days. How much danger am I in, and what is going to happen to me? I bit scared right now.
No we didn’t have sex, we hugged and that’s it.

Jobs dealing with cancer and tumors?

I want to get a job dealing with cancer and tumors because of my family member had a tumor before. For example, those nurses who go in with the doctor and kind of talk to the patient, and other jobs including this .. I’m a girl so include only jobs for girls thanks in advance :)

Undetermined future – go into ultrasound?

I’ve been at HCC for two years, 1st semester at UH now, and I never knew what I wanted to do with myself. However now I want to go into ultrasound but none of the credits I have count, except for composition and statistics. I need to take 3 more classes by April 1 to even get accepted into HCC’s fall program. By April 1 those classes won’t be done, so I’ll be left behind for another year. My question is –

1. should I continue this path to ultrasound and be stuck for a year
2. find another field, similar, to get into. If so, which fields??

Thanks in advance.


how many ultrasounds do u get i had one at 13 weeks n one at 18 weeks
i was wondering if i get one more or wat?
n r those 3d ultrasounds worth the money?
i was considering one of those but i wanna no if ne one tht has gotten them thinks they r worth it n wat r they like

How does the DefenderPad (laptop radiation shield) work?

Does it only shield from radiation coming from the bottom of the laptop, or does it somehow help with radiation coming from the sides and front as well? If my laptop is on a desk, should I still put the shield under it? If I’m most worried about ovarian cancer, would it be better to have the laptop on my lap with the shield under it or on the desk? Which is healthier overall? Thanks!

Who performs a PET/CT scan, an x-ray tech or nuclear medicine tech?

What are the effects of radiation on the thyroid gland?

For an average person in an average place. Including RF which we are all bombarded with every day 24/7.

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